Peak Science Communications

Helping government agencies do more with less since 2007. 

Peak Science Communications (PSC) has built a reputation of providing excellent service and quality products to the Forest Service. Their core team includes highly experienced National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) specialists, technical writers and editors, and Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) leaders who specialize in a full range of Forest Service projects.

PSC has worked with Forests across the western United States through its 5 IDIQ Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts: 

  • Region 1 (2012–2015 [prime])
  • Region 3 (2018-2023 [prime])
  • Region 4 (2015-2020 [prime])
  • Region 5 (2017-2022 [subcontractor] and 2010–2015 [prime])
  • Region 6  (2015–2020 [prime])

Our team provides all of the leadership, forestry, engineering, and resource expertise required by our clients, yet retains the personal, small-firm attention to detail and prompt client service. At PSC, we’ve proven that the right team of small businesses working together can successfully compete with any large firm.

We’ve had the pleasure of working for the following government agencies and corporations:

In addition to having a superior team here at Peak Science Communications, we also frequently team with other industry leaders to provide a unified approach to larger projects. Some of our trusted partners include:

ARH Archaeology and Architectural History

Cultural Resource Management Solutions

ARH Archaeology and Architectural History is a woman-owned, Boise based cultural resource consulting firm founded on over 30 years of cultural resource management experience. They are client-focused and have worked in Idaho since 2014. They have built a reputation for sound technical work, outstanding customer service, and superior relationships with regulatory agencies.

Bison Engineering

Air quality experts serving industry since 1980

Bison Engineering, Inc. (Bison) is an environmental consulting and technical services firm specializing in air quality analysis and measurement. We have worked with industrial facilities and state air quality regulatory agencies in Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. Bison is currently in the process of establishing an office in the Portland area to help clients comply with the 2018 Cleaner Air Oregon regulations. We have the regulatory knowledge needed to identify all applicable federal, state, tribal and local air quality requirements for NEPA projects.

Chestnut Ridge Forestry

Forestry Consulting

Chestnut Ridge Forestry is a private forestry consultant with 32+ years of Federal contracting experience on over 50 National Forests in 36 states. They have also had several large CFI remeasures and Stand Exams with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Department of Defense. They hold numerous nationwide contracts, including those for Common Stand Exams, Timber Marking, and FIAs in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming. Chestnut Ridge Forestry is committed to quality control and have the equipment and personnel needed for small- or large-scale projects.

Nature's Capital

Ecological Assessment Services

Nature’s Capital is an ecological assessment service provider for state and federal agencies, private corporations, and non-profit conservation and management interests.
Their mission is to assist in the maintenance and enhancement of the natural capital found in biological and physical resources.
They provide scientifically sound, high quality ecological inventory and assessment information and management recommendations based on experienced knowledge of ecosystem processes and functions.

Great West Engineering

Comprehensive Engineering and Scientific Services

Great West Engineering provides a broad range of engineering services to Federal and State agencies, Cities, Counties, private entities; and other consultants. Great West Engineering is a 62-person firm with offices in Helena, Billings and Missoula, Montana; and Boise, Idaho that has been serving clients in the western United States for over 30 years with an emphasis on civil engineering, planning, infrastructure, project design, and construction management services. The professional staff offers high-quality consulting services with an emphasis on environmental analysis, transportation design, hydrology and hydraulic engineering, fluvial geomorphology and fisheries, stream restoration design, water and wastewater, low volume road design, legal and topographic surveying, trail design, campground design, recreational facility design, and expert witness and testimony services.


Economics - Finance - Planning

ECONorthwest has worked with a diverse set of clients in the public and private sectors over four decades to address challenges related to forest and natural resource management. We have assisted the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service in preparing and revising Resource Management Plans and assessing socioeconomic impacts of adopting new plans and reviewing projects through the NEPA process. Their associate, Richard Haynes, is a retired forest service economist who, during his three-decade tenure with the Forest Service, helped shape the agency’s understanding of and approach to economic analysis of forest management in the Pacific Northwest. Through that role, he has collaborated with economists from other regions to understand forest management issues across geographical contexts.

Nikole Pearson, Principal

Nikole’s best asset is her ability to assemble winning teams of environmental consulting professionals who excecute all project elements at the highest level. Her reputation of producing quality products, on time and within budget, have enabled her to successfully compete with much larger companies.

Nikole has over 15 years of environmental writing, editing, and meeting documentation experience. After working as an Associate Environmental Planner for the State of California, Environmental Protection Agency, Nikole moved to Idaho and, in 2007, launched PSC, a technical writing firm specializing in environmental documentation.

PSC has grown significantly since that time and now operates as a full-service environmental consulting firm. 

Often called, “the little company that could,” PSC is proud to be the only company awarded IDIQ contracts with Regions 1, 4, 5, and 6 of the Forest Service.

Jay Wilhite, Principal

Jay joined Peak Science Communications in 2014 and became a principal in 2017.

Jay brings over 20 years of computer programming and design experience to PSC. His duties at the company include developing and managing SharePoint sites and users for all PSC projects, creating client websites, and developing training. Jay’s speciality is using off-the-shelf software products to create unique and custom solutions. 

Jay was able to combine his technical knowledge with Nikole’s experience in the environmental consulting industry to completely revolutionize how PSC operates. Because he came from outside the environmental consulting industry, he knew that harnessing the power of technology was the only way PSC could compete with the much larger national firms that were–and still are–buying up other small firms and dominating the industry.

And now, Jay teaches other environmental consultants to do the same.